About Kees Werkt

KEES Werkt operates in the temporary employment sector using its own methods. Every day and 24/7, we can immediately provide our clients with just the right workers.
In comparison with other agencies, we are distinguished by direct communication, efficient service and speed in finding workers.

We are a dynamic, flexible and professional temporary employment agency that specialises in posting workers to the logistics, production, and agriculture/horticulture sectors. KEES Werkt is a member of the Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU), and complies with the applicable laws and regulations. Such certificates as VRO, NEN and SNF prove that we are a reliable partner.

KEES Werkt has no fixed working hours from 9 AM to 5 PM. Therefore, as a rule, you can reach us whenever you need us.

How does Kees operate?

Workers are extremely important for KEES Werkt. After all, when working for clients, workers are the showcase of our agency. We develop personal relationships with them, so that the established collaboration is permanent and lasting.

After we start the employment, we sign a temporary employment contract with each worker; such contracts are in full compliance with the ABU Collective Agreement. We are pleased with every contract we sign: if we sign one, this means we have gained a new, valuable worker for KEES Werkt.

Apart from the timely payment of salaries and payment of reserves, such as holiday allowance, paid holiday, public holidays and paid short absence from work, we provide workers with support in matters related to family allowance, housing benefit, taxes, consumer bankruptcy, employer certificates, insurance and mortgage applications.

Our workers appreciate our contribution and commitment to their cause. KEES Werkt makes sure they feel at home with us, and are 100% committed to working for our clients.

This is how KEES Werkt operates! For your benefit as well!

How does Kees recruit?

Our clients really want to find the right person for the right position.

Collaboration with KEES Werkt is an excellent choice because of its direct communication, and the goal-oriented and individual approach to clients. We deal with the entire recruitment and selection process involving both executive and managerial staff.

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